Important Information on Body Waxes

  1. Hair needs to be about 1/4 inch long for waxing.
  2. No tanning 48 hours before or after waxing.
  3. No hot baths, no Abrasives, no deodorant (day of only)
  4. Cannot wax a client if taking accurate.
  5. Certain skin conditions may prevent waxing.
  6. After waxing, areas are prone to ingrown hairs. You need to use a topical exfoliator on a daily basis and keep the area moist. This will help the hair coming in break through the surface of the skin and not turn inward.
  7. Don't take ibuprofen or blood thinners before waxing.
  8. Use benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria and to help with post wax bumps.
  9. Apply sunblock or sunscreen on any areas that will be exposed after waxing.
  10. Please be aware that waxing can cause some skin redness that should not last more than 24 hours.
  11. Avoid heat 24 hours for after wax. This includes working out as it produces sweat which carries bacteria into the pore and can irritate skin after waxing. Also, avoid sauces, steam and hot tubs for one day following wax.